Tap into your cco
Advertising agencies, design firms, product development companies, any organization that considers itself to be creative has a Chief Creative Officer (CCO).

A CCO is responsible for those things that reflect the company’s brand – this can include the look and feel of the company, the design of the workspace, the rituals they practice and the way in which staff members meet and interact. Most importantly though, the CCO is responsible for maintaining a creative culture – the currency creative firms traffic in.

Creative cultures come in all shapes and sizes, no two are alike, yet they all have one thing in common – someone at the top is a champion for creativity. Everyone has natural creative ability and like anything worthwhile, practice is the key to mastery.

At the Right Brain Project, we have the resources and technology to guide individuals to their highest level of creative performance.    

Our staff has trained thousands of people to be creative, including individuals who currently lead the kind of companies mentioned above. Our approach is non-traditional and based on the Science, Exploration and Human Aspect of Creativity. Individuals who complete our programs return to their work environment with new ways of being creative and taking creative action. Our programs can be scaled for individuals, teams, and entire organizations.