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"I entered the Right Brain Project workshop to tackle a complex and intractable project. I found the exercises to be expansive and entertaining, providing me with a new way to think about my project. I not only came out of the workshop with tangible actions to take, but also with specific commitments for dealing with this project moving forward. Overall, I found the experience invaluable, and would recommend it to anyone looking to challenge their notions of what is possible for themselves.”

Nick Laperriere, Regional Vice President, Surgical Care Affiliates

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"The Right Brain Project was an enlightening and invaluable experience. The two-day program provided me with resources and tools which further refined my acumen resulting in the development of more creative and ambitious working strategies. Following the class I was able to more clearly and quickly identify areas in which I was stuck to create an effective plan to move forward. I am grateful to have had the experience the team created for us and would highly recommend the program to others." 

Becca keating, Assistant Director Individual Giving, Sundance Institute


"Thank you for inviting me to participate in the creativity workshop – Discovering Your Chief Creative Officer. The value of the program to me went beyond the individual creativity-building exercises, which were themselves very engaging and helped change my business thinking in a short time.  In addition, especially given the difficulty of committing time away from a current venture, your emphasis and support of a follow-up with participants on an existing goal during subsequent weeks was vital to both reinforcing the training concepts and, at least as importantly to me, advancing my priority business activities."

—Quentin Wilson, President, Show me results

"The Right Brain project jolted me out of complacency to work on a project that I had been mulling over for months. Taking two full days to bask in The Right Brain environment felt simultaneously like a luxury and a necessity. The combination of exercises, materials, people and the creativity that flowed from each made the workshop exciting, entertaining and brain stimulating. Participating in The Right Brain workshop while pursuing any individual creative endeavor is without a doubt time and money well spent."

—Joanna Brody, President, brody public relations


"As a creative person, I wasn't sure I would get anything new out of the Right Brian Project.  Boy was I wrong, my creativity found a new voice and a new direction simply because my understanding had been expanded. The depth of information helped to ignite a new spark of imagination and inspiration into a project that I had been stuck on. When the workshop was over I was able to see my project with a clearer vision, and have been given the tools to help me better define  who I am and deepen the goals that I have set for myself."

—REVERAND IAN MAcDonald, New church sherMan oaks


"Working with the team at the Right Brain Project came at just the right time to get me off of the creative plateau that I had set up camp on.  Being in the creative industry I've read countless books and gone to many workshops and I found my time with the RBP to be cutting edge and unique.  Their work is very effective in its combination of different disciplines, philosophies and in its use of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience to frame creativity in a new light.  The brain science that I learned has absolutely transformed and empowered the way that I think about the creative process.  In practical terms the workshop got me to work on a television project that I'd been blocked on for years.  I was finally able to create why I was doing it which ended up becoming the main theme of what the show is about.  I cannot recommend The Discovering Your Chief Creative Officer workshop enough!"


“The Right Brain Project Creativity Training Workshop asks you to put something at stake, something you want to work on, a shift you want to cause in your life.  You walk into the workshop holding that in the background of your consciousness, but you don’t actively work on it. Which is refreshing. You don’t sit there for two days trying to figure your stuff out. You surrender to a masterfully choreographed juxtaposition of experience-as-content and content-as-experience. Drink in new perspective to apply later. You get grounded in what is known about “being creative” and the processes to generate creative outcomes, all in the context of the neuroscience of creativity—how your brain is wired to be creative. You experience what it feels like to manage your mind for innovation—how to feed it; give it rest; go into flow. You know how to drive, right? This is how to drive a Ferrari.”


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"The Discovering Your Chief Creative Officer workshop is an extremely high value program that's guaranteed to change your brain! The only limit is the effort one puts into the practice. I left with many tangible tools and a defined goal to keep me accountable in order to reach success. Many thanks to the Right Brain Project team for keeping the entire two day seminar fun and engaging from start to finish." 


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"I went in with something at stake and came out, changed for life. The Right Brain Project team is an incredible group of inspiring people who show you (quite literally), you are enough and can make the unpredictable happen. I'm thinking in ways I didn't know were possible - I'm working toward my "future-self" and see each aspect of my life with a profoundly different distinction. The road to my next goal is clear, and for that, I couldn't be more grateful."

—SARAH SCHINDLER, Marketing coordinator, Morley Builders

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"The Right Brain Project 2-day workshop enables and empowers people to trust their creativity and let it emerge. Although I had a lot of the "knowledge" that was imparted during the workshop due to my work and research, I so appreciated the experiential design that allowed me, and the other participants to embody the conceptual knowledge and research the workshop is grounded upon. What I've noticed that has made the biggest difference for me so far (and it is only 1 month since the workshop) is that I have doubled getting out there and trying my new ideas, no matter how nervous I am each time I do it--I do it anyway! This matters quite a bit since I give my first TED talk in about 10 days. Recommending this Workshop is easy, expanding your life and changing all of your routines because of the increased creative expression is exciting and challenging."

—ROMI BOUCHER, PHD, Founder Genesis Work

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"The Right Brain Project is really on to something and it has fostered the creation of new ideas, more enjoyable disciplines into my everyday world and great results that would not have otherwise occurred. The 'Discovering Your Chief Creative Officer' is a brilliantly designed two day workshop that combines creativity and neuroscience to shift and challenge our monotonous results-oriented business mindset. Thank you all for providing such a safe and innovative launch into a new way of thinking."



"I attended The Right Brain Project thinking I would pick up an additional perspective or two about creative thinking - complementing what I already knew. What I discovered was an unexpectedly powerful experience that facilitated a profound “shift” in my thinking. The quasi-Socratic approach helped me identify why and how my thinking about a problem was stuck, then held me accountable for getting unstuck. I came away highly energized and motivated, now actively and successfully addressing the business challenge I was facing."

—Kent Stones, CEO, StonesInsight


"The Right Brain Project opened my mind to the idea that anyone, including an analytical thinker like me, can approach problems creatively. In particular, I realized that approaching my work in the same way each time was burning me out and resulting in a humdrum work product. By taking more creative risks, I not only produce better work, the process is far more satisfying. I continue to draw on the lessons learned during the two-day Discovering Your Chief Creative Officer workshop, and have incorporated much of what I experienced into my plans for this year."

—Leslie Moody, Director of the Sandpipers South Bay Community Fund

“The Discovering Your Chief Creative Officer workshop is a wake-up call to executives that screams “ if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you got”. I found it invaluable in helping me find my passion and stay accountable to that new vision. I highly recommend this seminar…embrace it and you won’t be disappointed.”


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"The Right Brain Project shared a methodology made up of music, science and empathy that taught me how to create change through listening. My biggest takeaways from the workshop came from the creativity assignments and the science exercises where it felt like the left side of my brain was dancing with the right— I recommend that experience to everyone.

Thank you Julian, Anne-Marie, Ed and Kelly for introducing me to a new rhythm of appreciation for the creative expressions I get to practice!"

—Angela McDonald, RealInterest Mortgage and Loan