Creativity is inherent in the neuronal architecture of our brain. We all have unlimited potential to be innovative.


With 100 billion neurons, each of which can make 10 thousand connections,  our brains have the potential for cross-talk and re-wiring across domains and subregions that is so infinitely complex it has been likened to our as of yet unexplored universe. 

How then, can we access this untapped resource?

Neuroscience research tells us that we have the power to control and enhance our own creativity by employing both our cultural and individual environments.


Setting up a workplace culture where risk-tasking is encouraged, where community and connection are valued,  and where reflection and incubation time are built into the work environment, is paramount to creative productivity.

To set you on a path of creative leadership we will review the mirror neuron networks, the attentional networks and the stress resilience systems in the brain.  These systems must all be engaged to allow for the creative experimentation and innovation that inevitably comes before paradigm-shifts.


Adopting a mindset that itself is flexible and incorporates the science of innovation into one's lifestyle will open you up to the process that will sustain reliable and consistent creative products. The Right Brain Project will provide an understanding of the brain's incredible plasticity and guide you to the place where the persistence and patience required to improve will be easy to access and apply.