A permanent shift in your ability to be creative
If you Google How To Be Creative you'll find over 670 million results including articles, blogs, scientific papers, charts and graphs, illustrations, theories and much more.

If you read all of those results, it's unlikely you'll be any more creative than you were before.

Having knowledge about and understanding creativity is not the same as being creative. They're two different things and most people don't make that distinction.

For example being an art critic does not make one an artist just as being a film critic does not make one a film maker.

The challenge for leaders is finding creativity training programs that are sustainable and leave people actively being creative.




The Right Brain Project uses a unique process that combines the Science of Creativity, Action of Creativity and Human Aspect of Creativity to bring people face-to-face with their creative self.

What makes our work permanent is the pathway we provide for each individual to discover their highest creative potential.

People complete our programs able to approach projects, both personal and professional, with an abundance of creative energy.